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The major in Political Philosophy, Policy and Law (PPL) provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to pursue intensive study of the connections between political philosophy and legal theory, legal thought and historical change, law and public policy. The major is based firmly on the view that the study of law has a rich humanistic tradition and that its pursuit encourages sustained reflection on fundamental values. Because the domain of law, policy and political philosophy is huge, a principal objective of the major is the integration of diverse disciplinary perspectives. But interdisciplinary dialogue on political and legal ideas, processes, doctrine, and policies can be fruitful only if the participants engage one another from a position of disciplinary strength. The requirements for the major in PPL are grounded on this presumption.

Please note that students may not minior in PPL. The current major requirements are as follows:

Political Philosophy, Policy and Law is a major with three components. Majors must take:

  1. Three co-requisite courses
  2. Two required PPL courses
  3. An individually tailored package of 8 courses that comprise an interdisciplinary core. 

Students in PPL are encouraged to combine the PPL major with majors or minors in other disciplines, but only two courses used to satisfy requirements of another major or minor may be counted toward PPL.  

Please see the approved course lists under “Resources.” The fall 2024 approved course list is coming soon.

Admission Procedures

Students must apply for admission to the PPL program.  The application process takes place in the spring semester. More information will be available in January. Contact Vijay Phulwani, for questions and additional information.